Photography As An Art Form Essay

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There has been a long standing argument as to whether photography can be paralleled with traditional art forms such as painting, lithography, and sketching. The frame of reference of this research is the concept of photography as an art form. Through scholarly and practical research, I will compare different ideologies of how photography has been accepted and thought of since its invention, as well as visual examples of work that portray both photographic and artistic qualities. With the main question within this topic being can photography be considered art?, the objectives I seek to clarify are the grounds for which one defines art and for which one defines photography. Using a conceptual and practical framework to approach this research, I will compare various scholarly sources to reinterpret the existing ideologies of photography as an art form. This research partly falls under a practical approach, as it largely relies on my own creative experimentation with various mediums that combine both photography and art. This is crucially important, as it will take abstract concepts of photography as an art form and contextualize them into tangible experimentations for further analysis and interpretation. Within the conceptual analysis, I will use a visual analysis format to compare works from established artists that use photography in their pieces, as well as compare and contrast methods to establish a reinterpreted viewpoint on this subject matter. Within this framework, I
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