Photography As The Technical Side Of Photography

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Photography was only an idea before it became something tangible and memorable. 100 Ideas That Change Photography was written by Mary Warner Marien in 2011 and it is aim to help and remind people about both the artistic photography as well as the technical side of photography. This book thoroughly explains how does photography evolve throughout time and it gathers information on the most influential ideas that shaped photography from the early 19th century up to digital revolution and beyond it.

What is aesthetics? Aesthetics is a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. Many stated that photo as an art made by a camera, but if photo is an objective rendering of what the camera sees and then say the photographer is merely a machine operator, how can you say that the camerawork as an artwork if the operator knows nothing about aesthetics value? Meaning here, all photographers need to know and learn what is aesthetics value in order to not just be a machine operator but to be someone who knows all the principles, basic understanding of what is camerawork, and good in interpreting as well as applying aesthetics principle. Photography was invented during the time when art academies and public intellectuals were taught a hands-on theories and technique and at the same time strengthening the field of fine arts. In the nineteenth-century, numerous critics scrutinised the daguerreotype image were in favor to not think it
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