Photography Books and the Photographers Who Created Them

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This essay will try to be about photography books and the photographers who created them. I will try to explain on their importance in history and why they are so important to all photographers, as a whole idea and individually, as inspiration. The Pencil of Nature was written by Henry Fox Talbot it was originally published in six installments between 1844 and 1846. It included 24 calotype prints, each one was pasted in by hand
These helped illustrate some of the possible applications for his new process. It was the first photographic book with illustrations to be published for commercial reasons . The Pencil of Nature was published and sold one section at a time, without any binding. This seems to be a common practise for most books during this time period.The purchasers had to pay a bookbinder to bind them once all the installments had been released It was wholly executed by the new art of,Photogenic Drawing, which was a contact printing process using salt. Talbot had planned a large number of installments; however, the book was not a financial success and he was forced to terminate the project after completing only six. This volume is regarded as an important and influential work in the history of photography. It started what was become a revolution of artist putting their work in book form, thus combining many separate photographs into one cohesive idea. The Family Album of Lucybelle Crater by Ralph Eugene Meatyard was originally published
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