Photography Is A Type Of Art

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Photography has been around for many years. In the time that the first camera was invented to present day, various styles of photography have evolved. Two types of photography that are very common today are street and nature or landscape photography. Although these styles of photography have many similarities, they have some differences as well. The subject, camera equipment, and location are three major differences in these styles. All types of photography will have a main focus, or subject. Street photography is a type of art that focuses on the people and the art in which that city contains. For good street photography, you want to be located in a busy city or downtown area. Ideal locations in the US include New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Las Vegas, and many more. This is because in a large city with lots of traffic, you see many different types of people. All street photographers have different types of styles of portraying this in their work, but the people of a city are a main focus. Street photographers like to focus on subjects such as construction workers working in the middle of the road, businessmen/women rushing from point A to point B, the environment of a homeless person, and many other things. It is also popular in street photography to capture city art like graffiti and performers.
Equipment is very important with every photographer. The two main things that are important for good quality photos are the lens and the camera body. Street
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