Photography Is The Most Common Way Of Saving

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“Picturing the Moment” In some cultures like the Amish they do not believe in photography due to the fact that they think it is graven images, if an Amish person is photographed they believe in natural, unposed pictures and that their faces can not be in the image. Photography is the art or practice of taking and processing pictures. Photography makes an impact on the world around humans without even realizing. Photography is the most common way of saving important memories and being able to share them with family and friends. “You don 't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”(Ansel Adams) Photography is another form of communication that can make issues more noticeable and make more people realize what is going on in the world and, their positive or negative impacts. Many photographers are self-employed; it can help them maintain their long term career goal.
Photography is an important way to capture important moments in a person’s life. Photography dates back to the 19th century by a Frenchman named, Louis Daguerre. During the 19th century the most popular of photography was black and white. Color photography did not come about until the 20th century. In 1839, the daguerreotype was developed and became popular. John Stauffer states in his article, “Photography”, “The daguerreotype was like print culture in another way as…
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