Photography Is as Much About Ideas as It Is About Creating Visual Images

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PHOTOGRAPHY IS AS MUCH ABOUT IDEAS AS IT IS ABOUT CREATING VISUAL IMAGES Introduction: Analysis: To photograph is to paint with light so, by its very essence the pursuit of photography is the chase of the image. An image should be visually capable of communicating a narrative, the message conveyed depends more on the viewer than the photographer, factors that come into play are based on the viewers own experiences, be they political or personal. Take for instance Karen Knorr’s work “Gentleman” Made between 1981 and 1983 in English gentlemen’s clubs in Saint James’ in central London. Models were used to represent the men who normally frequent these establishments and she included text from newspapers to drive home the sense…show more content…
The notion of time and its effects on people is evident. Through the series of images we see the family grow and expand, we see Goldberg and his wife age they begin to look tired but they look happy and while there is no emotion expressed, there is a sense of a family together. We see fashions change which is a reflection on society and perhaps a reflection on the social class they belong to. 3: It could be argued that these ideas have very little to do with visual images, one is a technical invention that was based in the economic the other a personal project that resembles a series of passport photos, but it could also be argued that without the idea, the concept there is no photography of worth. Can the image stand alone and provide a depth that the body of work can? There are cases to be considered. Donna Ferrato travelled with police clocking up over 6,000 hours with them, the result was a book called “living with the enemy” within the pages of this book are countless images that would stand alone for the sheer depth of the message they are trying to convey. They give an insight into a world few have seen and experienced a world that may exist just down the street. These are images that have more of an impact than any famine, war or any
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