Photography Networks

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RDI PHOTOGRAPHY NETWORK DESIGN PROPOSAL STRAYER UNIVERSITY CIS 532, Network Architecture and Analysis JANUARY 19, 2014 Abstract The analysis and proposed expansion of an existing network can be a daunting task for any company small or large. To be a truly successful company there should be the ability to manage not only the company, but to look to the future and investments in that future. This type of analysis and investment no matter the size of the company should not only be successful, but should be a seamless and virtually transparent operation. This paper will briefly address some elements of this analysis and proposed expansion upgrade starting with a brief history of what will be named the RDI Photography Company…show more content…
The RDI management recently recommended and approved funding to pay for the analysis and development of this proposal. Pending final proposal acceptance by RDI, the project will be initiated Network Scope: The proposed network is designed to serve and support federal, commercial (non-Department of Defense) and DoD customers. RDI contains three imagery departments to be served by this new network. These departments include, traditional film and film processing, Digital photography and digital videography. Note that this network will also support instructional needs of RDI employees. Objectives of the Network. The new RDI network is designed to achieve several specific business/operational objectives: 1. Secure Service: The main objective is secure administrative computing for all network needs with minimal the risk. 2. Integration: This will allow compatible and secure connected within a system-wide network to support productive collaboration across the system. 3. Information Processing: The new network will enable users to retrieve, process, and store all compatible photographic, graphics, audio, and video from any connected computer. 4. Collaboration: The network will provide a collaborative medium helping customers with photography and videography regardless of their physical location. This network will also offer the ability to share in an offered educational and training environment. 5. Scalability: The network design is scaleable for future
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