Photography : The Benefits Of Photography

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The Benefits of Photography

Everywhere people go they are likely going to notice a piece of photography. Even it were to be projection of a image on a screen, a painting on a building or just a printed image in a shop window. Although there are many genres of photography such as monochrome, satellite, underwater, and panoramic, the main focus on in this project is digital photography. “Digital photography is a form of photography that uses cameras containing arrays of electronic photodetectors to capture images focused by a lens.” (Wikipedia Dictionary, December 22, 2016) The subject being focused on are the beneficial aspects of photography among students. Consistently we find the benefits of photography. Taking advantage of
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Parents often enjoy getting a glimpse of what is going on in their child 's class. These photos are great to put on display at a student conference. Create a book, a digital book or photo album for parents to look at while they are waiting for their turn to talk to the teacher. By taking the time to document the learning, you’re reminding them just how important they are. There are hundreds of possible ways a camera can add to the aid in the learning environment in the classroom. It doesn’t need to be another chore for the teacher, they can enlist the help of their students by turning it into a fun assignment using instant cameras. “Photography-centered activities also empower students to create and communicate with others, develop self esteem while breaking down cultural and emotional barriers.” (Zahra 2013)

Emotional Aspects

Digital photography allows a person to express themselves. Through portrait photos, a person’s emotions are shown, this helps understand yourself and others. “When it comes to digital photography, the camera is there to document an image and catching a special moment to help preserve family ties that are easily forgotten.” (Zen Agency 2016) Digital photography helps capture and secure the memories leading to happiness and well being among families. Having historical family photos helps us remember who
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