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Photography and Art In the United States today, technology is all-important to a great deal of the population, whether it is a means of communication or an aid for national security. Technological devices and terminology are ubiquitous and have become a part of everyday life. On the road, many drivers can be found talking and chattering away into their cell phones. At business meetings, many executives will present presentations in PowerPoint, while others will jot down notes in their Personal Digital Assistants, or PDAs. Many people have their own websites on the Internet, and even more people communicate through electronic mail. Tourists can be found snapping shots of landscapes and buildings with digital cameras or recording the…show more content…
Not surprisingly, the creation of the digital camera has given rise to digital art, an art form that merges digital images with artistic talent to create profound effects. Photography and the Photograph Through the Ages: Since the beginning of time, humans have developed ways of representing the world around them. Cavemen depicted mammoths, humans, and other objects seen in nature on cave walls. A step forward from just sketching reality came in Aristotle's time with the camera obscura (1). A camera obscura is a box with a small hole that inverts an image of a subject upside down on a screen (2). The image can then be traced, resulting in a much more accurate and detailed representation of the subject than was previously possible (3). Leonardo da Vinci depicted the camera obscura in a manuscript in 1519, showing that it was studied beyond Aristotle's time (4). Photography's roots lie in the inherent desire for man to accurately capture life in an image. In 1826, photography as we know it emerged when Joseph Nicéphore Niepce was the first to create a negative image on light sensitive material (5). The negative of the subject replaced the manual labor involved in tracing images with the camera obscura. Niepce continued working on photography with Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, a painter, and began to work on sensitized metallic surfaces (6). William Henry Fox Talbot also contributed to photography by creating negatives from which one could produce an unlimited
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