Photography and the Civil War Essay

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A. Plan of the Investigation
Question: In what ways did Mathew Brady change people’s perception of the Civil War? This investigation evaluates the ways in which photographer Mathew Brady changed the American perception of the Civil War. The focus of the investigation is on the growth of photography during the Civil War, a small bit of background on Mathew Brady, and his involvement on the battlefield as a “battlefield photographer”. The technological advancements in photography during the Civil War are noted in this investigation. Also, connections between the advancements in early photography and how Mathew Brady used these advancements to change the public perception of the War are explored. Different photographers from both the north and the south will not be explored in this investigation. Two sources (“Photographing the war” by Henry W. Lanier, and “The Blue and Grey in Black and White” by Bob Zeller) will be evaluated for their origin, purpose, values, and limitations in respect to the historian investigating this topic.
B. Summary of Evidence
Technological advancements in photography and visual media during the Civil War:
· At the start of the civil war, photography had been around for almost 20 years. (DNews)
· “In 1861, the newest technology was wet plate photography, a process in which an image was captured on chemically coated pieces of glass” (council on foreign relations)
· “Cameras in the time of the…

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