Essay on Photography in Advertising and its Effects on Society

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Photography in Advertising and its Effects on Society

Memory has been and always will be associated with images. As early as 1896, leading psychologists were arguing that memory was nothing more than a continuous exchange of images. (Bergson) Later models of memory describe it as more of an image text; a combination of space and time, and image and word. (Yates) Although image certainly is not the only component of memory, it is undoubtedly an integral and essential part of memory’s composition.

Photography was first utilized over 100 years ago in an attempt to preserve life as it existed before the industrial revolution. Over time photography has gradually corrupted memory in a variety of ways, despite its original
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(Harwath-Booth 9)

Walter Benjamin argues that the industrial boom of the nineteenth century was also the death of oral tradition. According to Benjamin, oral tradition was dependant on a “community of listeners,” people who listened to the stories and retold them in the future. These people were the image and the printed text of history before the printing press and the instant photo even existed. The noisy factory and long hours of tedious labor forced upon society by the industrial revolution effectively killed oral tradition and created a void that would be filled by photography. (McQuire) With the death of oral tradition, photography became a widely used means of passing history through the generations.

Anthropology has been one major way in which photography has
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