Photoshop : How Does It Really Affect Girls And Teenagers?

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Photoshop, is almost always used in today’s media but many people refuse to see or believe it. The more photoshop the media uses the lower the self esteem, higher the depressions rates and an increase in eating disorders and mental illnesses. So why does the media still use photoshop when it is so harmful? How does it really affect girls and teenagers? What can prevent these effects of Photoshop? Photoshop has harmed high school girls to the point where 30% of them have an eating disorder (Vaynshteyn). Why does the media use Photoshop? The internet, magazines, television, and advertisements in any public or private places uses Photoshop to create an illusion of what a perfect girl or person is. The photoshop the media is used to erases cellulite of the models and cuts parts of their body to make them thinner. But some people may say they might not like seeing someone fat or a more realistic picture because it would make them feel bad. The problem in that is these younger or naive girls are being affected and feeling bad about these unrealistic pictures of these super skinny models. Using photoshop is creating illusions of these models that look anorexic and if the media used something more realistic they would realize they are normal and not need to drastically lose weight, go tanning or whiten their teeth. Ashley Brown said “Photoshop has the power to manipulate appearances beyond recognition.” She writes in an scholar article how Photoshop can change appearances in a
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