Photoshop Is Bad

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Photoshop is Evil

The media plays a tremendous part in our everyday lives. It affects how we eat, how we dress, and our self-esteem. Whether it’s a heavily photo shopped model in a magazine, or a fad diet that encourages unhealthy beauty standards. The stress that these standards place on men and women have been heavily correlated with increases in eating disorders. The perpetuation of being extremely thin in the media has a huge impact on young people and children especially, because they are still learning what is considered normal, and will attempt to copy the esthetics of what they see in magazines if they aren’t taught what is a healthy body to have. Mass media portrays men and women to impossible standards that could never be reached
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Young people are more susceptible to media influences regarding body image. Every decade seems to favor a different body shape. The 50s’ were all about having a curvy, womanly figure, while the 20s’ favored extremely thin, boyish body shapes. Even today among different cultures and sub cultures one can notice differences in what figure is considered attractive. Media, being a form of communication, can transmit ideas and perceptions and even influence attributes and beliefs. Ending this mass self-esteem problem won’t be easy, but by increasing the variety in body shapes presented in media we can start to accept all bodies as beautiful and perhaps encourage young people to embrace what they were given rather than starving themselves to try to attain the impossible. However, since this doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough, helping people to develop a sense of self early on may play a huge role in their self-confidence and give them a stronger base of self-worth. By decreasing their vulnerably and teaching them to question media we will not only create well rounded adults, but ones who can think critically of the world around them and change it for the
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