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Rachel Johnson weighed just over 56 lbs. at the age of seventeen. This was the result of her four years of fighting an eating disorder. From the age of 13 she had been obsessed with looking like Nicole Richie, whose images were photoshopped and airbrushed in magazines. The media has a huge influence on kids, teens, and adults. Especially when everything is photoshopped. The American media’s overuse of photoshop has a strong impact of it’s youth causing needless plastic surgery, low self esteem, and eating disorders.

The use of photoshop has a major impact on the plastic surgery industry. Min Kim Park an assistant professor of photography in the department of art and design states, “The search for perfection drives us to create these unrealistic
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Merriam Webster's defines eating disorders as “Any range of psychological disorders characterised by abnormal and disturbed eating habits.” This is preventable and doesn’t have to happen. Photoshop isn’t necessary. In a statement put out by the American Medical Association they state, “A large body of literature links exposure to media-propagated images of unrealistic body image, to eating disorders, and other child and adolescent health problems”(Ives). Seeing images of perfectly skinny models, can cause low self-esteem, causing eating disorders. Morris and Katsman said that adolescent girls having an eating disorder have increased over the last 50 years (Doctor of pediatrics). The popularity of the media has also increased over the last 50 years. Dr. McAneny saw an image that her head looked wider than her waist (Arnold). Photoshop is used so heavily, that the model appeared distorted. Seeing someone like that in a magazine only promotes teens and adults to have an eating disorder problem. AOL, a media corporation, took a recent survey concluding that 40% of people didn’t like the way they looked, and 80% compared themselves to models in the magazines (Fanara). People can get eating disorders from seeing models being photoshopped. People compare themselves to photoshopped
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