Phrixus The King: Self-Sacrifice

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King Athamas grew tired of his wife Nephele and remarried to princess Ino. Ino schemed to kill Nephele’s son Phrixus for his inheritance by forcing him into self-sacrifice, so Nephele prayed for help. Phrixus escaped with a golden fleece, involved in Phrixus’s sacrifice, and Phrixus gifted it to King Aetes. Back in Greece, Phrixus’s uncle lost his power to his nephew Pelias, but the uncle’s son Jason planned to recover the throne. Phrixus agreed to give up power to Jason if Jason managed to retrieve the golden fleece in order to bring Phrixus’s spirit home. Jason agreed and set sail on the Argo with a band of heroes. They faced trials as they traveled to Corinth and the golden fleece. In Corinth, King Aetes agreed to give up the fleece if Jason completed a challenge of yoking two fire-breathing bulls, sowing a field, and fighting off marauders. The magical daughter of Aetes, Medea, gave Jason an ointment of invincibility. Jason finished the task and promised to marry Medea. Once he became king, Jason remarried and betrayed Medea. In retaliation, Medea killed Jason’s new wife and Medea’s two sons to save them from a difficult life.

One area of conflict exists between princess Ino and Phrixus. Once Ino marries King Athamas, she plans to kill Phrixus for his inheritance. Phrixus’s mother gains support from Hermes, who helps Phrixus flee to safety.
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Medea falls in love with Jason and throws away her life in her pursuit for him. Medea betrays her father, kills her brother, and abandons her country for Jason and his promise of marriage. After Medea throws away her life, Jason abandons her for another wife, and Jason blames all the wrong on Medea. Finally, in Medea’s quest for revenge, she kills her two children, finally abolishing all she holds dear in the world. To prevent her pain, Medea should choose a person to love who will not drag her down, a task other people should take caution to do as
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