Phycologist Theories Compare And Contrast

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In this essay will I have a look at two Phycologist´s theories and go through their developmental stages to search for similarities and differences. I also want to reflect on how these theories could be interpreting a person close to me in the development through stages of life.
Both my daughters have been breast feed almost up two years of age and even though we had some problems with sleeping for the older one, she just did not want to sleep, we would consider her start of her life a harmonized and fairly normal upbringing. She is now almost 17 years old and I thought it would be a good way to compare real life of hers to what would have become of her development if some of the important needs that the theories are urging for would not have
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Erikson’s theory followed Freud´s and it was based on many of Freud´s ideas. He had studied at Anna Freud, Freud’s daughter in Vienna. Erikson´s and Freud´s theories have similarities. Both theories admit the importance of the unconscious on development. They also both separates development into stages of a person´s life and handle similar age spans for these developmental stages. However, there are also differences that exist between names of the stages and the developmental subjects that are assumed during each stage. Part of the reason for that is that each psychologist has his own exclusive view of what causes a person’s development.
Freud´s psychosexual theory underlines the importance of basic needs and biological forces. Erikson´s psychosocial theory is based upon social and environmental factors. Erikson also expands his theory into adulthood while Freud´s ends at an earlier period.
Let´s take a look at Freud´s Psychosexual theory and Erikson´s Psychosocial theory beside each other. The first year of life. Freud called this the Oral Stage of development because he believes that oral stimulation was the primary means of development at this time.
Children who succeed at this stage develop a sense of capability and productivity. Those who have problems at this stage may develop an anal fixation. As adults they might me excessively orderly or messy. (Cherry,
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According to Freud this is the final stage and it continues throughout a person’s life. He calls it the Genital Stage. During this stage he believes that a person seeks balance between their biological instincts and sense of morality. In other words, Freud believes that a person learns to channel their biological instincts into socially acceptable displays of love and career goals. Erikson called this stage Identity Vs. Role Confusion. He believed it was a period where the focus of development shifts to social bonding in order to establish meaning in one’s life as an
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