Physic 100

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Name: __________________________ Date: _____________ |1. |British civil service workers in executive positions live longer than those in clerical positions. This best illustrates the | | |value of: | |A) |emotion-focused coping. | |B) |the general adaptation syndrome. | |C) |spontaneous remission. | |D)…show more content…
| |9. |Ader and Cohen observed that suppressed immune system functioning in rats was a(n) ________ to saccharin-sweetened water. | |A) |conditioned response (CR) | |B) |unconditioned response (UR) | |C) |conditioned stimulus (CS) | |D) |unconditioned stimulus (US) | |10. |Luigi minimized the stress of testing positive for HIV by viewing this circumstance as an opportunity for a renewed religious | | |commitment and spiritual growth. His reaction best illustrates the importance of: | |A) |stress appraisal. | |B) |Biofeedback | |C) |spontaneous
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