Physical Activity Analysis

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Through the use of MyFitnessPal I was able to carefully document and analyze my physical activity for three days. MyfitnessPal has a unique feature with my iPhone that can track my actual steps taken per day. Unfortunately, I did not have the time during the three days to do any exercise besides walking around campus and steps obtained from running errands. It is important that I not only focus on the foods I consume but also exercise my muscles for short and long term health advantages. In essence, after this module and the app I received valuable information about my health based on the amount of physical activity done daily. Furthermore, I begin to track my steps on Tuesday, but in order to obtain authentic results I did not focus on…show more content…
When you were six to seventeen years old it was 60 minutes of any physical activity as long as you were moving per day. I am currently only meeting half of those steps with the exception of Thursday because I walked from campus to St. Mary’s church and then posted fliers around campus. According to our text book, figure 11.1 in 2008 the Physical activity guidelines for Americans suggested amounts similar to the USDA: 150 minutes per week of a moderate- intensity of physical activity, or 75 minutes per week of vigorous- intensity physical activity, or an equivalent combination of both. For example, one could do 90 minutes of moderate intensity plus about 35 minutes of vigorous activity. I would say when I have the time I do part take in more intense activities, but for the three days only participated in moderate intensive activities. Together with, the guidelines also focuses on muscle strengthen stating you should do an activity for all major muscles group at least two days out of the week. If I use recourses mentioned previously such as, the rec I could improve my muscle strength by alternating machines to target different muscles at the…show more content…
For instance, reducing cancer risk, improved weight management, and also improves stress management for good mental health. Physical fitness plays a significant role in our bodies by providing energy, therefore, I am going to alter my poor habits. I aspire to construct a better diet and be strict on working out at the gym or any physical activity at the recommended amounts. For this reason, I believe having an active life will not only improve your health, but as a whole attract a better
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