Physical Analysis On Physical Forensics

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Physical Forensics
One physical analysis technique that could be considered as physical forensics is finger printing. Although technically from a biological trace, the analysis method used to establish finger print from finger print at the crime scene is a very analytical and physically arduous process.
Finger printing
At a crime scene, the one thing that can never be fully covered up is the presence of finger prints. Because of the oils we produce through our skin, our fingers leave prints on any imaginable surface, including on another body. These finger prints are classified in many different ways in order to make the extraction, storage and eventual cross-reference of these fingerprints much easier for future analysis purposes. The
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Types of finger prints
Because finger prints come in all shapes and sizes, it means that finger print evidence is often a very accurate and reliable way at distinguishing the presence of a person at a scene. It is thought that the chances of 2 people having the same fingerprints is around 1/64,000,000,000 – that’s 64 billion.
In terms of classification of finger prints, the actual trace itself can be distinguished by analyzing the finger using the accepted terms for the patterns that all fingers exhibit. These include “whorls” which is the circular shape, ridges and ridge endings which are unique in almost every way and also loops which are the elongated bend shape which can originate from the left or the right of the finger. Other, more rare characteristics of the finger print is the arch which is slightly raised lines and tented arches which form a triangular looking fingerprint.
Today, prints are analysed by putting them through a system on the computer which measures the different characteristics of the finger print from a selection of viewpoints in order to establish whether the owner of the finger prints has their finger prints on the system. This will flag up if it is the case, and show the culprit and their previous crimes/affiliations.
Recovering prints
Because of the composition of the prints, they are often fragile and can be damaged on contact to the point where no analysis can take place. This means that
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