Physical And Mentally - Original Writing Essay

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Imagine it is 5 o’ clock in the morning. The sun is not yet shining into your dorm window or over the university. Your body is aching in pain, but you have no choice to get out of bed. You have the first round of your two-a-day practices. Despite being physical and mentally exhausted from practice and classes, you walk to the field and start your day. All of this while the rest of campus sleeps in until 5 minutes before class. Practice gets done at 7:45 a.m., and you have class at 8. You do not even get to eat breakfast as you have to run across campus to avoid being late. You get done with classes, and then you have your second round of practice at 3 p.m. After a 3 hour practice, you go back to your dorm. You look at your desk and start your overwhelming amount of homework. As an athlete, you do not have much of an opportunity to get a part-time job and earn some money as a result of time-budgeting. I felt it appropriate to write about college athletes and whether they should get paid for their efforts by the school because me being a student-athlete at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in the Track and Field program, I can directly relate to other student-athletes. According to the NCAA’s annual report for 2016, there are about 460,000 student-athletes in Division I-III. As student-athletes, we are treated differently than ordinary students. Unlike musicians attending college, student-athletes are not allowed to sell their talents and likeness privately, meaning
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