Physical And Non Physical Violence

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This article represents a research done on a quantitative review on the physical and non-physical violence, bullying and sexual harassment that nurses in various hospitals experience. The purpose of the research was to estimate exposure rates by type of violence, setting, source and world region. In the modern world, visiting medical centers is one of the norms and hence the involved parties cross paths occasionally. Since the nurses take care of the patients more, they tend to face both physical and non-physical violence, bullying and sexual harassments as they try to cope with the environment that is flooded with new individuals every other day. The characters of these individuals vary and so is the way the nurses try to relate with each of these individuals. The nurses may face these challenges from either the patients themselves or the relatives of these patients. Both the physical and non-physical aspects being researched on cause various problems, especially physiological effects and hence need help and training on how to deal with such situations. Such research should therefore be done to help sensitize the society on the different challenges that nurses faces as well as their extremes. Literature review The research was done using various secondary sources in order to provide a reliable report on the quantitative review of the abuse that nurses undergo. Some of these sources were obtained from CINAHL, Medline and PsycInfo data bases. These databases are recent and
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