Physical And Physical Development Of Children

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Physical development of children correlates to other areas of development, for example, fine and gross motor and results in healthy development of the brain. A teacher should observe and assess the development of the learners’ fine-motor coordination and gross-motor developmental milestones during outdoor play. However, children grow at different rates, which is an indication that a child may regress in a skill or reach a milestone earlier than another.
Therefore, teachers should use the developmental milestones as a general guideline to developing the learners physically. The teacher must develop enjoyment of the physical activity to encourage the children to better approach the tasks and thus lay a strong foundation for life-long health.
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The physical development milestones will provide a guide regarding when the instructor should expect particular skills depending on gross-motor development as well as fine-motor development. Milestones will help the instructor understand and pinpoint the typical patterns of development exhibited by the students as they mature.
The milestones involve development in skills, such as flexibility, strength, and agility. The exercises will involve standing on one foot for two minutes or longer, hopping, skipping the rope, doing somersault. The exercises will also involve sit-ups and push-ups, cartwheels, and handstands. The score for sit-ups and push-ups will involve the number done in one minute. For the sit-ups, the feet will be held and the fingers curled over the student’s ears.
The students will run on the field track between 10 and 20 minutes. The ability to throw and catch the ball will be evaluated on accuracy. The students should able to easily combine different kinds of movements, such as jumping to catch a ball and running with it. They should also be able to catch the balls without holding them against their body. Further, they should be able to jump rope while holding it.
The girls attained excellent results in rope skipping as opposed to the boys who exhibited novice skills for they had just began to demonstrate a low level of knowledge regarding the skill. The boys were better at gross motor skills especially in sit-ups, push-ups, and
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