Physical And Psychological And Sexual Abuse

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Abuse is so common in today’s day and age; it’s used like a language. Some people are immune to it; that’s all that they have been introduced to whether male or female. It’s a language that only people who have not taken a recollection nor responsibility to the issue at hand. This leads into BWS which is classified as a psychiatric condition named Battered Woman Syndrome. The actual definition of this disease from Wikipedia is “Battered person syndrome is a physical and psychological condition of a person who has suffered emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from another person”. According to the Psychiatric Times, it has been in the medical field for more than 30 years. However, even being in the medical field it is not recognized as serious until reported and or visually seen numerous times.

Physical, Psychological and Sexual abuse has been presented in multiple settings as harmful and dangerous. When these things happen, unfortunately the victim is largely blamed and asked questions based on if they meant for what happened to them, as a direct action to inflict pain towards themselves. As is true, multiple cases of the described forms of abuse are reported almost half of the cases are dropped due to the withdraw from victims. Withdrawal due to fear and issues of life or death; they no longer wish to press charges. From my sources in the “Psychiatric Times”; they explained that gender violence is fostered by the socialization of men”. Meaning that is stemmed from
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