Physical And Psychological Aspects Of A Monster

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My understanding of a monster when I began this semester was that a monster is an evil being who can have physical and psychological aspects that add to the evil. The most basic form of monster is physically unattractive and has general physical deformities. These deformities included fanged teeth, large claws, and super strength. Psychologically monsters behave recklessly because they do not abide by the social limitations that everyone else does. Monsters excel in disguising themselves from society and hiding in the shadows. They crave darkness to shelter them from societal duties. This craving is derived from either a mental illness or an innate sense to try out being evil. Monsters to me were those of fairy tales and scary movies such as werewolves and serial killers. The physical and mental attributes of monsters can be seen in the novel Reason to Breathe by Rebecca Donovan. Physical attributes of a monster are the first thing that draws my attention when reading a novel or watching a movie. The classic view of a monster is found in old novels or movies that deal with things such as Frankenstein or Dracula, and even zombies. The most terrifying in my brain though is the monster that hides from everyone because physically the being would not be recognized. Reason to Breathe is a novel that describes Emma, a girl who bears the weight of abuse and deals with it so her cousins can keep their mom, her aunt Carol. In the end, Emma wins her freedom from Carol. Carol is
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