Physical And Social Environments Of A Child 's Development

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Developmental Process From birth until now I have seen myself develop in a number of ways. I have not just grown physically, but I have grown mentally and I continue to do so day to day. From my first step to my first physical activity. I have seen myself progressively grow. I can remember my first incident feeling guilty, and the time I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my savior. These moments have defined me into the man I am today and have allowed me to grow as a person everyday. Before you even realize your life is influenced by many factors that you have no control over. As one begins their life they are shaped my nature and nurture. These two words mean so much in a child’s development. Nature is defined as our biological…show more content…
It stayed like this for awhile but as puberty hit (high school years), I caught up and surpassed many classmates in physical growth. Being small throughout my childhood had an affect but not a dramatic one. I still remember being QB on my sports teams, being tall enough for the roller coaster, and finally getting to the age where you have some responsibilities. To sum up my physical growth i may have been a late bloomer, but I ultimately caught up to my fellow classmates. While learning about physical growth I saw how I followed patterns discussed in the modules. I saw how growth and maturation affects people at different times. The notes said, “Growth is uneven across age.” This was very true about my own growth. I may have been slow to start growth, but I agree that at different ages people grow at different rates. I also see how the majority of physical growth is done by the age of 20. The next section that I felt affected my development in a huge way was my moral development. The first time feeling guilt was a very clear memory in my life. In chapter 14 the book discusses how your first feeling of guilt is because of a term called morality of constraint. This term basically means how you realize what you did was wrong because higher authority (parents, adults, or elders), punishes your actions. Back to my first real memory of feeling guilty I was around the age of 5-7. As I convinced my friends on the bus to hold their tongues and say
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