Physical Attraction in the Internet Age

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PHYSICAL ATTRACTION IN THE INTERNET AGE Your name Instructor's name Name of course Date Since its inception the internet has affected nearly every aspect of society so it is only natural that it would eventually impact on our most intimate of relationships: romance. In just a short twenty years the internet has nearly revolutionized the dating process and determined who and how we meet each for purposes of establishing both casual and permanent romantic relationships. The internet dating business is one of the few to not only survive but also prosper in these precarious economic times (Carpenter). By 2012, the industry is expected to reach $1.9 billion in consumer sales (D. Card). In the context of this paper internet dating is defined as the use of a database of potential dating partners, usually located in close geographical proximity, to find someone with whom one feels some connection. The format of most dating services is similar. The sites, whether of the free variety or requiring a paid subscription, require their users to create a user profile which includes demographic and sociological information, descriptions of physical attributes, relationship preferences, photographs, and background information regarding personality and lifestyle. Most sites maintain the anonymity of its users and leave personal contact to the discretion of the individuals. There has been no shortage of studies on the impact of the internet on dating and relationships. Every day
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