Physical Benefits of Dancing

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Health through Dance Customer Inserts His/her Name University Name Abstract Health through Dance a recent phenomenon in the Physical and Health Sciences, has been used as the most effective non-medical treatment throughout the World. Physicians and surgeons strongly recommend dancing to cure various health issues and problems including obesity, cancer, respiratory tract problems, backbone and muscular pains, and minor physical defects. Health through Dance activities improves the functions of heart and lungs by neutralizing the circulation of blood and supporting the passage of air. Dance is considered as the best exercise for those people who hesitate or unlike to take part in sports and other physical activities (Dance South West, 2012). Dancing also improves the eating and consumption habits. A dancer has to consume a balanced diet according to the recommended diet plan by his dance instructor or dance therapist. He has to leave all the unhealthy habits which affect the proper functioning of the major body parts. He has to quit smoking, alcohol, and drugs and use nutritious meals, fresh vegetables and fruits so that his muscles become stronger and active (Pytlik, 2009). At present, various semi-government and government level organizations are arranging different Health through Dance activities in schools, mental health centers, drug abuse control centers, hospitals, and old age homes in a view to promote this economic way of non-medical treatment. They hold
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