Physical, Cognitive, And Health Aspects Of Aging

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Just recently I learned about physical, cognitive, and health aspects of aging. Along with that, I learned that some diseases may be prevented with simple exercise and healthy eating, while others are unavoidable. Certainly, last week’s topics were interesting and optimistic as they raise awareness to healthy habits can lead to a better quality of life. Since then, I have taken some steps to become healthier, by being more active. What’s fascinating, is that I am learning more about myself and can therefore, apply this knowledge in my personal life and employment. Upon examining the titles for this week’s topics, it seems that we are going to delve into what psychology is most known for, the study of the mind and how that plays a role with intelligence, personality, memory, and identity. I am expecting to learn about the different types of memory and the process behind it, but most importantly learn about different types of personalities and how that’s determined.
Memory is vital in cognition, as the absence of long term memory is like loosing the information stored on a computer (Ziegler, 2014, para. 2). I couldn’t imagine life without long term memory. There are different parts to memory, such as long term memory and short term memory. Long term memory is further broken down to explicit and implicit memory. Interestingly, I learned that through the use of implicit memory, specifically procedural memory, is the reason behind why I was able to ice skate recently, after not
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