Physical, Cognitive, And Social Development Of Harper, A 3 Year Old Girl

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On March 19, 2016, I had the opportunity to observe the physical, cognitive, and social development of Harper, a 3 year old girl. The observations were conducted at Building Blocks Daycare Center, Brandon, Iowa and the infant’s parents consented to participate in the live observations. The parents are Bryan and Brittney they are expecting a second child and today is the reveal party for the second. Harper appears to be happy about the day, she is running and playing with the other children that are in attendance. Harper is in a familiar place, she and her mother are here at Building Blocks Daycare, throughout the week. Harper is cared for here and her mother is employed by the daycare. Gross Motor Skills described in the Santrock text states that, the preschooler will not have to make an effort simply to stay upright and move around. As children begin to run and play moving with more confidence and carry themselves more purposefully, moving around in the environment becomes more automatic. (Burns & others, 2013, pg. 135) Harper appears to be able to control her movements very well, she does not fall or show any signs of being off balance. When we first arrived she ran around the table stopping briefly, to grab a small toddler size chair, which she began to push around the room. Soon after another child found a chair and joined Harper in pushing the chairs around the room. A older girl, put Harper on the chair and pushed her for quite some time, at one point Harper fell
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