Physical Development Affecting Children's Behavior

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. Summarize 4 key points that show physical development affecting children’s behavior. (Ch. 2, 1 point) Children need to move around, practice with small muscle skills, need for food and rest in order for them to be attentive and ready to learn in every activities they have. Children need to move around for their physical development and as well as their intellectual development. If they have physical activity and physical play, it helps them to increase their ability to focus, interact with others and as well as to manage their own behavior and emotions. They can also build self-esteem, self awareness, peer relationships and develop different set of skills through physical activity. Children need to exercise their large muscles and as well as their small muscles. Individual differences and gender play a major role when it comes to the development of performing tasks. The text mentions that girls are more advanced than boys in terms of fine motor skills and in gross motor skills while boys are good that requires force and power. According to the book, fine motor coordination fall behind gross motor coordination for most children. Children need nutritious food in order to be active at their work and play cooperatively. If children consume too many non-nutritive foods, they have the higher chance of childhood obesity and it can affect their behavior as well as the book mentions. Children need to rest or to take breaks in their activities to avoid frustration and
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