Physical Development Of The Fine Motor Skills

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0 - 3 Years
Physical Development
Now when looking at a child’s physical development there’s two aspects you have the development of the fine motor skills which are using the smaller limbs in your body like fingers and then you have gross motor skills witch are the larger limbs that help us to walk and to run obviously a child will develop these skills but to begin with when a child is born there bodies start to develop their natural reflexes such as a gag reflex , startle reflex and also a sucking reflex usual these will soon develop after the child is born. After a child is born they will start to develop in multiple ways they will often try and lift their head up slightly when placed on their stomach and they also experiment with their fingers and hands to see how they can hold things and often what you will see is that when a child’s lying on their back they will kick their legs around in a sort of bouncy movement.
Once a child reaches around the 9 months mark the child may start to learn to crawl obviously not all children will start at this point some may start later or earlier once they are able to crawl they are able to move around a lot more freely then once they are able to do this what you will tend to find is they will want to pull there selves up on different objects this will take place from between 12-18 months. The steps that they do take holding on to furniture usually takes place at 12 months and then they become more confident and by the time
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