Physical Development Research Paper

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Most people have grown up differently and had either a good or bad childhood. Those people will become a successful person or not a successful person when they are an adult. There are many different things that lead up to making the person who they are today. Another thing that makes up a person is who they are surrounded by and how that helps them in the future. There are also different developments that every individual goes through such as physical development, intellectual development, emotional/social development, moral development, and self-synthesis.
Physical Development
The first step of development for a human being is physical development. There are different kinds of things that are part of your physical development. One of the things that affects my being is my health. My health history to me is unknown since I am adopted from Mexico. Most people inherit things in their family that associate with their health like Alzheimer's, cancer or asthma. But for me, I am always worried because I do not know what I could inherit from my parents. Even though I am a healthy kid right now the future is unknown of what is going to affect my health. Throughout my life, I was a healthy child but according to my mom when I was a baby I had bronchitis and had to be hospitalized. That was one of the few times I was in a hospital.
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And the people at the orphanage did not have much information about me. Now, I am a healthy person. There have been a few injuries that needed surgery. One was for my ACL, which I tore in high school, during a basketball game. That was difficult because I was in a lot of pain after the anesthesia wore off. My doctor has told me that I would have to do physical therapy for a couple months and it has been almost 10 months since the surgery. I also needed stitches on the left side of my face under my eye due to falling down the steps when I was
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