Physical Development in Children Ages 3-7

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Teaching and learning in Schools Assignment 1 Physical Development between the age range of 3-7 years olds Physical development provides children with the abilities they need to explore and interact with the world around them. It is also about improving the skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement, although the age at which they achieve them may differ from child to child. The physical development of young children must be encouraged through the provision of opportunities for them to be active and interactive and to improve their skills. They must be supported in using all of their senses to learn about the world around them and to make connections between new information and what they already know. They must be…show more content…
We can then find out if anything has been going on at home and plan activities within school to help them learn much easier to suit their needs and bring in activities that will stimulate them. Another reason why children are observed could be because a child has not been very sociable and doesn’t have many friends or any at all. By observing them you can find out what is causing this, and can plan activities that encourage the children to make friends and work as a team, for example, setting out chairs in a certain way, then telling each child where to sit so that they don’t favour their friends, they are then encourage to communicate and get involved with the new children around them. As a Classroom Assistant additional observation can help the teacher to diagnose children for classifying them as visual, auditory, tactile or kinaesthetic learners. Transitions are defined as any significant phase or experience in the life of a child that can affect behaviour or development. Transitions include those that are common to all children and young people, such as moving school. Coping with change, such as parents getting divorced, or loss, such as the death of a relative or a family pet, can be very difficult for a
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