Physical Development of Children

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Unit 5-Understanding the promotion of Physical Development of Children and Young People. Task 1 A-LO1.1-Produce a chart or table containing the following below: Define Growth and Development and describe the stages and sequence of physical development in the following stages: Growth-Process of moving from one stage of life to another, it is also an increase in size. Development-Process of growing or developing. Stages | Sequence of Physical Development | 0-3 Years | At birth children start to develop survival and micro reflexes. They learn simple activities like grasping and sucking.At 3 months they learn how to smile and make eye contact. They learn to show that they are enjoying your company. Children learn how to show elements…show more content…
Emotional development is effected by neglect, separation, lack of love (family) and self harm. Social development is effected by lack of self esteem and secondary socialisation. 0-3 years From the stages between 0-3 year’s children are learning their reflexes, about people around them, how to play alongside others etc. During this stage it is very important that all children get every type development without any problems as this may cause harsh conditions for them in the future. Physical development relates to this stage because children are developing in many ways, such as they are learning how to walk, holding objects, learning about activities etc. They learn about their strength’s, so physical development takes a big part in this stage. Intellectual development relates to this stage because at this stage children learn about the power that the mind has. They learn how to smile and make eye contact. They realise who the main people in their lives are. As they see these people all the time their mind remembers each person and knows that they are the main people that will be taking part in his/her life. Language development is related to this stage because language learning starts at birth. They listen to the speech of those close to them, and startle or cry if there is an unexpected noise. Emotional
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