Physical Differences: Causes and Effects

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CAUSE AND EFFECT Physical differences matter and this is all the more painfully clear to someone who has had to deal with some form of physical abnormality. The abnormality doesn't have to be too stark or too obvious but to someone who is enduring ridicule, it does become a little too visible. I was in grade six when my teacher sent a note to my parents saying that I might need glasses. While being a little myopic wasn't all that bad, and especially now when almost half of the school population wears glasses, it was definitely a big thing back in the 80s when very few kids had to wear glasses. I believed in my heart that I looked prettier without glasses and I felt that somehow wearing glasses would make me the odd one out. I simply couldn't afford to be that because I was a new kid in school and I desperately wanted others to like me. Long story short, my dad followed teacher's instructions and took me to an optometrist. The doctor told me that yes I indeed needed glasses and my eyesight was bad…not too bad but bad enough. In those days, putting on glasses with "-2" power meant you had to wear thick lenses and your eyes might seem a little different to others through the lenses. I hated it and I hated glasses. Not only were they ugly, they were also an extra hassle and an extra burden in my already confused life. For years afterwards, I felt like the glasses were holding me back. I couldn't play volleyball because I felt embarrassed if my glasses fell off during play or
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