Physical Disabilities In America

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I believe as a Mexican woman I am privileged in the kitchen. I love to cook and I do it very well. I also believe it has to do with my race and ethnicity. We Mexican were gifted in the kitchen. We know how to cook everything from scratch. My grandmother has many recipes and has owned her own restaurant at one time. I also am a hard worker in everything I do school, work, home, and as a mother. I do think that also has to do with mu ethnicity. Both my grandparents owned their own business and both are hard workers. My home is very structure, respectful and lots of love. My kid’s and husband come before anything that is also ethnicity thing I believe. When it comes to stereotyping a person with physical disabilities I believe society can be…show more content…
Research and scholarship around sexuality and disability has grown internationally, yet much of the existing research on the sexuality of PWD is focused on sexual self-esteem and social attitudes on sexuality, not how PWD negotiate sex/engage sexually. According to society expectations, women with physical disabilities should not engage in a dating behaviors say, (Diana H. 2002). Men think of women with a physical disability are damage goods. Society also raves about people with physical disabilities should also not have sexual relationships because a women can become pregnant and can produce more human beings with physical disabilities. I believe the decision is up to the individual a romantic relationship or a child can also change the person life for the good. As it is its already hard for individual with a physical disability to find love and if they do let them. Odile Rohmer says If mixed stereotype content is the result of a compensation process based on social norms, the mixed stereotype content observed with traditional self-report measures would not manifest itself with implicit measures, less affected by normative constraints and social demand characteristics (Rohmer…show more content…
It cannot be good for that person suffering from the Disability. Yes they need extra help need a little more attention. What’s running through society head is their helpless. With that kind of stereotype they can’t help but think of suicide. They start to wonder what the point of living is. They need to know their self-worth in this world. People with the disability they don’t want to feel like a burden on their peers. It is important to make the individual with a disability feel as normal as possible even though they are not physical normal and are limited to what they can do we as a society should show them the same respect we want for
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