Physical Education And Academic Performance

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Some people say that physical education may have the chance to help improve a person’s academic performance. They say that it can improve their academic performance by helping to be able to focus their attention and to have better problem solving skills. It may also make your memory better, reduce your stress levels, reduce sleep deprivation and improve someone’s mental health. On the other hand, there others that say that physical education has no effect on a person’s academic performance. While others think that physical education is worsening the academic performance of many children in school.
Having a physical education class during your school day may have the chance to improve your ability to focus your attention. It improves it
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Sports and other kinds of physical activities may end up reducing the amount of stress that you have because of all of the homework, projects, and studying for a test. The stress can end up messing you up on all of these things and if you do some kind of a physical activity it can reduce the chance that you will mess up on something from your homework, project, or test. The lower of a chance that you have on not making any major errors on you homework, project, or test will help you increase your chance to get a higher grade on them in anyone of your classes in school.
If you do a lot of work during your physical education class you will eventually get really tired and will want to sleep as soon as school is out and you go home. According to Ray Sam,” Complete sleep makes kids more upright and attentive during lectures in classroom. Being attentive will help prevent them from performing careless mistakes and will provide them energy to be helpful towards teachers and their fellow students.” This shows that someone will be able to perform better in school just because he was sleepy after he got home from doing exercises in their physical education class in school. They will not sleep late at night because they will be too tired to even want to do anything all and will not be as tired in the morning because they should have gotten a full night’s rest and will be wide awake during their many classes that they will have during the school day.
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