Physical Education And Weight Lifting Instructor At High School

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This case of practice is a peer-coaching situation completed with the physical education/weight-lifting instructor at our high school. For the purpose of the assignment, the mentee will be referred to by the initials BK. The purpose of this practicum aligns with the following purposes from Carr’s Peer Coaching Study Groups (2005): • Understanding if student learning is meeting specific standards or moving toward meeting them. • Helping teachers reflect on their teaching. • Learning more about a student’s thinking and learning needs and implications for instructions. • Understanding learning needs for a small group of students, and • Helping a presenting teacher solve a dilemma or problem in instruction. Identifying a coach/mentoring situation and conduct a needs assessment. I work with BK as a fellow related arts instructor in our district, as well as, being co advisors for the senior class. We teach different disciplines, however, we are similar in our teaching styles and must apply our professional development opportunities to our profession as most of the time our professional developments are not fully applicable to us and we attempt to do the best we can to fit our professional development materials to our content to better our teaching. BK has been teaching for thirteen years, which is one year longer than I and we have worked together for all twelve of my years in the district together at professional development events. This case in practice has given us the
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