Physical Education For A School Setting

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Physical education being mandatory in a school setting is a very controversial issue in our world today. Many general education teachers think it is a waste of time, students are not learning, and/or more attention should be focused strictly on classroom studies and schoolwork. Therefore, the number one question is, should physical education in a school setting be mandatory? A debate between two high school students was divided equally. Mara Cobb, a senior from Kentucky, describes, in a typical school setting, we learn or are meant to learn concepts, which will help our future lives. She states, “There is an obesity epidemic, and exercise is a crucial way to prevent future health issues, like heart disease and diabetes” (Menza, 2015, p. 2). Students do not realize what they are learning, no matter what age they are, benefits them later in life. She also makes a good point when saying even though some kids do not like to participate in physical activity, or feel awkward in front of a whole class; they are benefiting themselves in the long run. On the other hand, School Jackle disagrees. He believes physical education is somewhat humiliating and based on ability (Menza, 2015, p. 2). I would have to disagree significantly with his statement. I feel as though if a teacher is teaching in the appropriate way, he/she would get graded on their participation in the class and willingness to participate no matter what the ability he/she has. It is true work ethic outweighs
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