Physical Education Is Not Always Simple And Requires Instruction

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There many things I am passionate about but the one that is closest to my heart is Physical Education. Physical education is not always simple and requires instruction. In sports there are coaches like in basketball who teach specific skills each day they coach. They need an environment that allows a student to ask questions without being ridiculed. I am studying to become a basketball coach because I was inspired by my own basketball coach (name removed to protect privacy). He is a great Christian and an exceptional mentor. He showed me that I needed confidence in myself and his life fueled my desire to make everyone feel like they can learn anything they want. (name removed to protect privacy) never let us say the words “try” or “can’t” at all and it became so ingrained in us that we would call each other out when we forgot. I later realized that these restrictions were to promote the use of positive phrases to him and other teammates. He gave me lots of advice over the years; however, there was one line that reverberated in my head. He told me: “ A great team does not rely solely on its starting five, a great team relies on its reinforcements, the players who come in the game after the starters”. This quote gave me the confidence to continue playing basketball when I was unsure about what I wanted to do. I kept playing and finished through my senior year of highschool. (name removed to protect privacy) constantly asked us what we wanted to do with our lives. My answer
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