Essay on Physical Education: Most Underrated Class There Is?

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Most Underrated Class There Is?

Physical Education is essential in a student's daily schedule. Physical education is not only needed physically for teens and children, but also so students can achieve better academically. The longer that they are forced to sit in a chair and learn all day, their learning rate decreases. Research has shown that physical education is essential to keeping students healthy and giving their mind a break throughout the day. There's many ways that P.E. can benefit children and they are all important to a student’s daily life. The first reason for why it helps students is that it is proven to help students achieve better in their core classes. Also, it keeps them physically fit and a healthy weight. Our last reason is that it helps relieve stress and get a student’s mind off their problems. For years, schools have been trying to get rid of gym class and not make it a requirement anymore. Now that not all schools require it anymore, they want to try and entirely get rid of it.
A school’s main priority is to have a student succeed in the classroom, and it is proven that physical education helps this. There has been many studies done to prove that this is true. For example, a study done by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education performed a study on if education correlates with maintaining good physical condition. The researchers tested many different physical traits such as aerobic capacity, body composition,…

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