Physical Education Should Not Be The Most Loved Essay

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Gym class is loved or hated. Girls, on one hand, cannot stand to be bothered with changing and messing up their hair while boys live for the invigorating feeling of running around and being an “immature jerk” many girls would mumble under their breath after being pelted with a ball. Gym class can be a very stress reliving state of time, others it is a time to gossip and relax. But why is there such a distinct state of difference between the love and hate of gym class? Physical education has been questioned for many years by students. “Why do we have to take it?” “It’s the stupidest class ever.” Although it is the most hated it should be the most loved. Physical education should not be about worrying if you are going to be hit with a ball it should be about letting go and moving, loosening your body. Since physical activity does enhance your mental and social process. So why not get a little competitive and play some basketball.
Imagine an elementary school gymnasium without winners defeating the losers, where children excitedly run through doors that open to a carefully constructed wonderland of tasks and challenges designed to enhance their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development. Imagine groups of girls and boys striving to negotiate their growing bodies through the movement successes and failures; imagine that these children, despite their widely variable physical and social maturity levels, play well together, cooperate fairly, communicate…
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