Physical Education : The Importance Of Physical Education

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Elements of physical education play a crucial role in the education of the whole student. While research supports and advocates the significance of movement combined with educational experiences, many educational institutions do not require children to participate in physical education. Physical education, “instruction in the development and care of the body,” contributes directly to the development of physical capability and fitness, while also helping students make educated choices, ultimately giving them the ability to understand the value of living an active lifestyle ("Physical Education”). A study featured in the Peabody Journal of Education expresses that the “results of a skillfully designed…program could… [produce] the following: improved physical function, social adjustment, psychological adjustment, acquisition of specific sports skills, greater self-confidence, and increased security” (Rouse). Therefore, physical education provides advancement for both academic studies and the physical activity patterns of students because the “healthy, physically active student will be more likely to remain academically motivated, alert, and successful” (“Motivating Kids to Be Active”). A study surveying over 12,000 Nebraska school-age children published in the Journal of Pediatrics found that “better fitness proved to be linked to significantly higher achievement scores, while, interestingly, body size had almost no role. Students who were overweight but relatively fit had higher test scores than lighter, less-fit children” (Rauner, et al.). In the preschool and elementary years, cognitive development and motor skills benefit from active play. As children grow older, physical activity may stimulate their ability to engage in difficult intellectual, social, and emotional situations. As the child gets older, excellent physical education can advocate appropriate behavior in social settings, increase a child’s willingness to cooperate, and introduce them to new problem-solving competencies. Exceptional physical education programs in United States schools should remain necessities because they are essential in progressing motor skills, physical fitness, and knowledge of concepts that provide lifelong, healthy ways of

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