Physical Education in The Public School Setting Essay

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Physical Education programs in publics schools has long been a source of disappointment and stagnant development. As the average rate of an urban youth continues to rise, little is being done within the school setting to meet the growing need for active involvement. School system leaders overlooks physical health due to the need to cut spending and increase test scores, all the while losing sight that school is the place where youth spend most of their time and gain most of their development. Schools and school systems are not only responsible for nourishing the mind, but also maintaining the health of the body, and this is where physical education programs are at the forefront. Physical education is as vital a component of the school day…show more content…
If physical education is shown to help improve academic performance, and teachers feel that more time and money is needed for education, than perhaps school leaders should listen and enhance physical education programs instead of continuing to pull the motivational rug from under these vital programs. The need to have the scores are valid and obvious, because without proper scores the schools run the risk of state takeover, but perhaps they need to go about accomplishing this goal using a different avenue. Pumping more money into implementing rigorous physical education programs that motivate and engage students will give them a positive outlet, and a reason for wanting to come to school. Once you get them interested in coming to school, than you can began to stress not only physical, but also educational achievement. Pushing students physically by teaching them ways to stay active, and by challenging them to try new things, might translate into more highly motivated students who are more willing to face challenges that they might encounter in the classroom. Some might feel that this is an unconventional method, but if the individuals, who actually deal with students on a daily basis, teachers, feel as though enhancing physical education is the key, than school leaders owe it to them to listen and respond accordingly.
Another important aspect of physical education is behavior. Numerous school
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