Physical Examination And Management For Patients With Multiple Comorbidities And Medication Management

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Rotated in Internal Medicine clinic for 4 wk. Opportunity to observe diverse cases in the outpatient setting. Took part in the history, physical examination and management for the patient. Involved in the discussion regarding health maintenance and education. Learned about management patients with multiple comorbidities and medication management. Participated by observing common outpatient procedures. Actively involved in continues learning by discussing topics with the attending.

12 wk, Observership. My rotation involved inpatient rounding in the ICU and Subacute nursing home in O’Connor hospital and observing the various cases in the attendings outpatient clinic. Participated in the morning multidisciplinary team discussion of each patient on rounds. In the outpatient setting, had the opportunity to see various cases of COPD, insomnia, OSA. Discussed the cases on the pertinent history and observed history taking and management reviewed with the patient. Learned to interpret sleep study during my rotation. Actively involved in learning by discussing the common cases and topics on Pulmonology.

8wk Observership in Intensive care medicine to cover the ICU, Neurology and CICU. This observership taught me the management of a broad spectrum of critical presentations. I was assigned cases, and was expected to perform a physical examination under the guidance of the resident physician. I learned how to evaluate and manage
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