Physical Features Of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

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Tom Jerry
Peter Cellers
English 1
4 December 2015
Research Paper Just like someone walking into a hair salon and flippingh through the pages of a magazine to inform the barber how they would like their hair to be styled, many people walk into the offices of cosmetic surgeons to do the same; asking for an enhancement or removal of physical features. Patients come to cosmetic surgeons with all sorts of fantasies. Many of these are very realistic but a few are unrealistic. Psychologists Ericksen, William and Billick encourage surgeons to use screening questionnaires and explain that they are “key in identifying patients for whom surgery was appropriate.” (345.) Though cosmetic surgery helps boost self-esteem and may bring a feeling of meeting the socially accepted standards of beauty, many people who pursue cosmetic surgery have psychological disorders such as narcissism, BDD, bulimia, depression, and anxiety, that would be much better treated through psychiatric help rather than seeking to transform their body image. According to Nikolic, “A “perfect” candidate for the surgery has a healthy body image, and the desire to improve upon a specific feature (e.g. breasts), not the entire body and mind.” (944.) When practicing cosmetic surgery, surgeons must thoroughly screen their prospective patients to see if they suffer from any psychological disorder. A recent study done at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine found that 87 percent of patients reported
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