Physical Fitness And Exercise For Active Duty Soldiers

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This section provides an overview of physical fitness and exercise for active duty soldiers. Effective physical fitness training is important for soldiers, airmen, seamen and marines to handle demanding jobs and combat. A good physical training program, implemented by each branch of the military allows a high level of combat readiness for soldiers. Physical fitness training consist of endurance, strength, coordination, and agility, this will prepare soldiers for any level of combat and reduce the risk of fatigue or injury (Rice, 2015). Soldiers will face many unusual and stressful situations in combat, training, or demanding physical jobs, maintaining physical fit keeps them in top condition. The career fields that require heavy physical…show more content…
Military leaders persistently train and teach soldiers that effective fitness is critical to their physical condition.
Physical fitness testing. The physical demands for military service is a requirement to meet unit readiness, day to day missions, and tasks. Each service branch, Army, Airforce, Navy, and Marines determines the need of physical fitness testing in order to maintain minimal levels of fitness required for day to day jobs. Currently, the United States deploys soldiers more often and in areas of the world that are most physically demanding. The deployment’s operational tempo is demanding for soldiers and at times challenging for leaders to maintain effective readiness. The training requirements are different for day to day jobs, such as a paratrooper who will do regular foot patrols in rough terrain is not the same for an armored vehicle tank driver who regularly drives and fire missiles. Annual physical fitness test supports the war fighter mission. Each service branch conducts a variation of physical fitness test consisting of a distance run, timed sit-ups, and upper body event. “The Marine Corps physical fitness test is considered to have the most difficult physical standards by including the longest distance run (3 miles), a sit-up requirement, and a pull-up/hang requirement” (Bartlett, Phillips, & Galarneau, 2015, p. 513). The three event test must be completed within 2 hours, a minimal score is
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