Physical Growth Of Hugo: A Four-Year-Old Child

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We experience astonishing changes with regards to physical development as we come across huge physical changes that occur between newborn infants to a grown-up human. Physical development is a essential procedure that begins at the earliest stage of infancy. Physical developmental includes creating the control over the body, especially muscles and physical coordination. In this paper, I will walk you through the physical growth of Hugo. In order to avoid disclosing the name of the child, pseudonyms will be used in this paper.

Hugo is a 4-year-old child, currently studying in a half-day kindergarten in K2 class. Hugo lives with his parents and five siblings, which include his three elder sisters, one elder brother, and his twin sister. Hugo and his sister are fraternal twins. Hugo’s family has no specific history of any biological records that needs to be mention. Hugo’s mother had a normal delivery with him and his sister. He is an active child, he would normally have his playtime after coming back from his school in the afternoon and after having his lunch he would go out and play in the playground. Moreover, he joins his father and brother during the weekend and goes cycling. Hugo has been experiencing and growing through a rapid and steady change in his physical development. Regarding his behavior on daily basis, he likes to be a leader and would
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To write this paper, I have used qualitative research and have selected two types of data collection tools. Observation has been conducted in both indoor and outdoor playtime of the child to understand his physical growth and pattern. I have also conducted a semi-structured interview with the parent of the child to gain additional knowledge and information about his physical status, daily habits, and behavior. I had planned a list of questions and also gave myself some freedom to inquire additional questions, which I think needs some light
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