Physical Impact Of Wireless Technology

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Wireless technology is very beneficial to human existence, although there is evidence of potential harm to human health. Devices such as cell phones, computers and televisions, have greatly improved and have influenced society. With these advantages, health concerns have arisen and been explored through experiments and surveys. However, these health concerns have not been proven fully, to an extent they are still impacting humans. By examining the general concern and the social, mental and physical impacts of wireless technology, it is evident these devices negatively affect human health.
There are many concerns about the use of technology. The first concern is the gradual increase in people that use wireless technology. Out of the population of seven billion, roughly six billion people own a cell phone (Asapscience, 2016). This number has grown greatly since the invention of wireless technology. The advancement in technology has attracted more people because of connectability and accessibility. This has resulted in constant usage leading to more time spent on these devices. Society is altering daily lives by directing most tasks towards technology. By doing this, it increases time on technology (see Appendix 1). Over the last few years the time spent on technology has risen greatly. The final concern is the exposure to radiofrequency. Radiofrequency is a possibly carcinogenic radio wave that comes in two forms; ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is
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