Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Development of Children Ages 0-8 Years

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Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Development of Children Ages 0-8 Years
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When the baby is picked up, the head falls backwards. This is because the neck muscles are not strong and developed enough to support the head. This is why the head always needs to be supported when the baby is lifted.

When a newborn baby is held in a sitting position, they appear to roll up into a ball. The back curves over and the head falls forward because the muscles in the neck and back are not very strong. When a newborn baby is held upright with its feet on a flat surface,
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At 3 months, the baby is starting to control its head. The baby still has to be supported when in a sitting position but the back is much straighter. Although the head is rather wobbly, they can hold it for a short while.

When the baby is held in the standing position, the legs are beginning to be strong enough to take a little weight, though they tend to sag at the knee and hip.

The hands are held open for most of the time now that the grasp reflex has gone. If the baby is given a rattle, they hold it for a few moments only. If the hand accidentally touches the clothes, the baby pulls on them. This is the stage when the baby spends a long time looking at its hands.

Although still short sighted, the baby now has a greater focusing range and therefore can see further. There is also much more control over the movements of the eyes. The baby is very interested in looking at everything around them and is able to follow people who are moving nearby.

At 6 months, the baby now has complete head control. There is no head lag and the baby is able to raise its head when lying on their back. When in a sitting position, the baby can hold its head upright and turn it to look around.

The baby is now able to sit upright but still needs support from a chair or pram. They can also sit for a short while on the floor with its hands forward for support.

At this age, they
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